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My heart skipped a few beats

and my chest tightened a little as I realized that I had done it again. A night full of partying and heavy drinking had me hungover but alive. I briefly pondered on how many of my nine lives I had used.


The newfound voices in my head

were louder and more aggressive than the one’s the day before.
“Shoot his ass!”, “Who cares anyway?”, “Hurt him!” As I crawled over to where the shotgun rested and grabbed it like it was the last piece of candy in a Halloween dish.


Bleeding and weak

I got off the bed and walked into the operating room to have emergency surgery. Once I was on the table some random person pried my legs open and started removing my stitches.


By the time I got my official sentence

I had sat in jail for nearly four months. My first offender’s status had been revoked and I had to sit in jail until my trial.


Good Life

The good life is in our perception, not that of others.



People are remembered for their impact on others.


Know Better

If you know better … do better.


See Yourself

People see you the way you see yourself.


A Few Chapter Topics!

The Thing That Changed Everything Else

Naïve Or Stupid

Left, Right, Left

If it isn’t love 

The Man

Letter to my family

Life As A Lemon

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Reviews (37)

37 reviews for Life As A Lemon

  1. Terri

    Hilarious, scary and wtf all at the same time! Great read.

  2. Sarah P.

    I lost my inhibitions in this book.

  3. Marie A

    Very transparent, so Vivid whether you were there or not it will open a blind eye to the reality of lifes struggles and uncertainties. You’re in for a ride of tears , laughter and amazement!

  4. Antoine L (verified owner)

    Very fun reading, Hilarious and sad about some of her life situations. I definitely recommend this book to friends and family.

  5. Keytlssuedy (verified owner)

    I thought I was reading fiction. Turns out this was ALL real. What a page-turner. I ordered a copy for my entire book club.

  6. Kennethchini

  7. Tatiana Price (verified owner)

    I could not put the book down! The author tells her exhilerating story with vunerability that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of thrill, laughter and triumph.

  8. Liyah

    Very inspiring, a great read. You’ll find yourself continuously flipping to the next page wondering what could possibly happen next. Kept me interested and wanting to know more. I truly enjoyed this.

  9. Raymond Brown

    My wife purchased a copy on Amazon. We read and talked about the story together. We have to better protect our kids. Where do we start? Insightful, devastating, heart-warming, and victorious. MUST-READ

  10. Clarice Glahn

    I don’t usually take the time to write reviews but I was so moved by this story. I read it twice. I have decided to seek professional help.

  11. Dave Willis

    What a page-turner. Applause author FM Ellis. Keep thriving!

  12. TommyLex

  13. LeonardTef

  14. Jay E.

    My boyfriend and I read this together and we laughed and talked about a lot that came up in the book. Definitely read and sipped coffee some days and bourbon others. A must-read. Brave work!!!

  15. sherry harris (verified owner)

    I finished reading the book and it is an awesome read. It was raw with an emotional tailspin . It takes you on a journey showing the good and the bad. I love how the book highlight, that no matter what happens in your life, your can over come it and be successful. Never give up on your dream. I would definitely recommend this book!

  16. Ebonj (verified owner)

    I am so proud of you Ellis! Your book is totally mind blowing ☺️ Keep it up!!! Love you 😍

  17. Sabrina Price

    I finished the book. Some pages make you laugh and others make you cry. The book is so moving. She is a very impressive person to have withstood so much and is still standing and constantly soaring higher. A very impressive black woman with a plan.

  18. Delbertcoicy

    Wow! This was a great story. FM Ellis did a masterful job in her debut. I could relate to a few of the traumas in this book. On the flip side, I was totally blown away by others. It was like watching a movie, but there was no script. I look forward to her next one.

  19. Labreia Dotson

    Best book I have read in years!. This should be a movie. Thumbs UP FM Ellis.

  20. Allie Weston

    Bravo! Thank you for being so transparent. Perfect timing.

  21. Steve French

    Awesome read. Deep.

  22. Letha

    Life As Lemon was an awesome book. I read it in two sittings, couldn’t put it down,the challenges and the difficult times you have been through is a Testimony itself, and for you to come out on Top and Succeed was God’s Plan to make you a Blessed and Better Person.I Pray you Continue Success in your Life Journey.Congratulations..

  23. Donna Liberty

    This book is heartbreaking and heartwarming. I recommend this to anyone. The topics in this book are farreaching and doesn’t discriminate.

  24. Tiana Gilcrease (verified owner)

    This book is awesome, it was very easy to read and it kept my interest. You will feel every emotion possible. Great job FM Ellis!!

  25. Nichole Payne (verified owner)

    I just LOVED this read! Very personable. I was able to identify, laugh, cry, and say WOW but most importantly feel the genuineness of her words!!! We all go through struggles and falls but it’s how we get up that’s important!! Thanks, Faye!

  26. Catina Stephenson

    Great book! This book had me on an emotional roller coaster. It made me laugh and cry. It kept my interest from beginning to end. Thank you Faye for being so transparent in sharing your story.

  27. Bees Charm

    I brought the book, read it…and the visuals along were mind-blowing. The next move was a sniper and it is an amazing, well written, a movie worthy book for anyone
    Bravo Faye
    Xoxo Bee

  28. Fidelia

    I suggested this book for my book club here in San Diego. We completed it on Friday and our discussion this weekend went into overtime. The range of emotions and topics kept us invigorated, frustrated, debating, and engaged. I haven’t seen so many people up in arms over a book in quite some time. We are looking forward to your next book FM Ellis. This was a perfect read.

  29. Sam (verified owner)

    This was an amazing book. To see the author navigate through life and contrast that view to her success has been a great literary example of determination. I love how the books lessons have propelled her to educate and give back to her community.

    Great work and a must read.

  30. adathy L

    Great read. I cried laughing at some parts and was overwhelmed with emotions at others. Excellent job FM Ellis!

  31. Phil Kent

    A page-turner! What a vivid and captivating depiction of the authors’ life journey. I read it in 2 days. I typically don’t read non-fiction, but the cover and title caught my attention. What a powerful way to introduce yourself to the World. I hope this is the first of many. Bravo FM Ellis.

  32. Mitzi

    An impressive read! I have just forwarded this to a friend whom I believe could benefit from both the highs and lows of the author’s story. Especially in today’s frustrating environment, it’s important that we hear, see, and read ways others have pushed through trying times and came out better. Thanks for sharing!!

  33. Monroe

    Simply wish to say your book was the best I have read in decades. I am so happy you found your way.

  34. Byron

    Glad I picked up this book, a cool cover, and what an amazing journey. Kudos FM Ellis for being so transparent in a world full of everything but. Simply put this was a great read. Best of luck with your New York Times bestsellers aspirations.
    You got my vote.

  35. Kyle Timm

    Reading this story took me back to my high school days. What a nostalgic read. Vivid in the descriptions, deep with details. I finished the book in 2 days. I am sorry about your losses and encouraged by your wins. Not bad for a new author. I look forward to the next one.

  36. Antonio

    A page turner. We have a lot in common keep writing

  37. Priny

    Carnegie’s version reads: “If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade.” [9] Carnegie credited Julius Rosenwald for giving him the phrase. The September 1916 edition of the Auburn Seminary Record was the first to publish the phrase following its initial coinage: “[Hugh K. Walker] described a pessimist as one who fletcherizes his bitter pill, the optimist as the man who made lemonade of the lemon handed him.” [10] Eight years before Carnegie’s book brought the phrase back into the mainstream, a poetic rendition of the phrase entitled The Optimist appeared in a 1940 edition of The Rotarian : “Life handed him a lemon, As Life sometimes will do.

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