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My heart skipped a few beats

and my chest tightened a little as I realized that I had done it again. A night full of partying and heavy drinking had me hungover but alive. I briefly pondered on how many of my nine lives I had used.


The newfound voices in my head

were louder and more aggressive than the one’s the day before.
“Shoot his ass!”, “Who cares anyway?”, “Hurt him!” As I crawled over to where the shotgun rested and grabbed it like it was the last piece of candy in a Halloween dish.


Bleeding and weak

I got off the bed and walked into the operating room to have emergency surgery. Once I was on the table some random person pried my legs open and started removing my stitches.


By the time I got my official sentence

I had sat in jail for nearly four months. My first offender’s status had been revoked and I had to sit in jail until my trial.


Good Life

The good life is in our perception, not that of others.



People are remembered for their impact on others.


Know Better

If you know better … do better.


See Yourself

People see you the way you see yourself.


A Few Chapter Topics!

The Thing That Changed Everything Else

Naïve Or Stupid

Left, Right, Left

If it isn’t love 

The Man

Letter to my family

Life As A Lemon

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This is for those who find themselves wandering. You are on the right track…Enjoy!

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  1. Terri

    Hilarious, scary and wtf all at the same time! Great read.

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